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Call tracking powerful analytics for every 먹튀검증업체 business.

Web analytics and VOIP tech has advanced at a lightning pace in the past few years. Tracking and attributing phone calls to marketing channels was previously an arduous task for the local or international marketer, but finally, it’s now both cheap and easy to track the source of phone calls in your marketing campaigns.

Better yet, you can track your calls to a great level of detail, including discovering the source of each phone call (Google, Facebook, Google Ads, etc.)


and even discover the particular keyword or ad a phone call originated from.

In case you’re wondering how this wonderful technology works, most call tracking platforms use a fancy technology called “dynamic number insertion”, presenting different phone numbers to different users, depending on where they came from, then tracking it in the platform and presenting the data to you, all neat-and-tidy, on a reports screen or a mobile app.


Before running through popular tools for tracking calls, let’s cover important points to safeguard your search engine performance, and make sure you get setup correctly.

Key points for implementing call tracking.

1. If you rely on SEO, or local SEO, it’s important to keep your “real” phone number displayed on your website, for both search users and Google-bot. Make sure your developer is aware of this, and keep your “real” number displayed at all times to these users in the call-tracking platform. If you don’t do this, the “NAP” (Name, Address, Phone number) data displayed on your site could become inconsistent, and have a negative impact on search rankings.


2. Make sure the call tracking platform integrates with Google Ads and Google Analytics.

3. If you’re using a CRM system, like Salesforce and so on, you might want to check the call tracking system links up with your particular CRM.


4. Finally, if you’re on WordPress, or another CMS, ensure the call tracking platform has a plugin for your particular CMS for easy setup. If the platform has a plugin for the software running your 먹튀검증 site, this often means you can get setup in under an hour or so.

Popular call tracking platforms on the market right now.

Call Rail


Call Rail is popular for its ease-of-use, international support, integrations with Google Analytics, Google Ads, WordPress, Salesforce and flexibility. It also includes cool features like text messaging, geo-routing, voicemail and more. Plans start at $30 per month.

Call Tracking Metrics


Call Tracking Metrics is another popular platform, also offering international support, Google Analytics, Google Ads, WordPress integrations, and overall, similar features to Call Rail. Some online user reports mention preferring Call Rail for its simplicity and flexibility, and found Call Tracking Metrics a little difficult to navigate, but in the end, it’s often best to trial both platforms initially and see what works best for your business. Plans are a bit cheaper than Call Rail and start at $19 per month.

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