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Customizing Your 토토검증 Blog Design

Now that you have your basic blog design and navigation, you can further customize things to your liking. To do this, go to the “Appearance” tab on the left-menu of your blog administrator area. Then click on “Customize”.

This will bring you to a screen that shows you your blog homepage on the right, with the customization menu on the left. Important: If you are using a different theme than the one I am using for this example then your options for customization may vary slightly.


There are a variety of customizations you can do from this screen. Let’s take a look at them one-by-one.

Site Title & Tagline

This section allows you to change the title and sub-title that appear at the top of your blog. You also have the option to remove these entirely by unchecking the “Display Header Text” box.



Here you can change the text color of your header as well as your background color.


Header Image

With this option you can add an image to your header. Please note that each theme will have a different recommend image size for the header.


Background Image

If you want to use an image as your background instead of a solid color this section will allow you to do that by uploading the image you want to use.



You can choose which of your navigation menus you want to use here. The menu needs to have been created already, which I show you how to do in an earlier step on this page 먹튀.



Widgets are various items that you can add to your blog sidebar menus. This section allows you to add and remove widgets from your sidebar menu(s). This is a little more complicated than the previous options, so let’s take a look at an example.


To start, click on “Widgets” and then click “Main Sidebar”. This will show you a list of the widgets that are currently being used in the “Main Sidebar” area.


You can see we have 3 widgets: Search, Archives, and Meta.

You can also see how those 3 widgets appear on your site, by looking in the right sidebar area. You can see that the Search widget creates a search box, the Archives widget shows a monthly archive of my posts, and the Meta widget shows a variety of links related to my blog.


I don’t want to keep any of these, so I am going to delete them one-by-one. To do that I just click the arrow next to the widget name and then click “Remove” to delete it.


Now that I have removed all of those widgets I am going to add a few that I do like. To do this I click the “Add a Widget” button and select the widget I want.


To start with I am going to add the “Recent Posts” widget which will create links to my most recent posts in the sidebar area.


Then I am also going to add the “Calendar” widget which will show the current month’s calendar with the dates that I wrote posts on highlighted. Once that has been added, click the “Save & Publish” button.



There are a variety of other widgets you can add if you wish, so feel free to explore.

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