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How to Automate a Habit and Never Think 먹튀검증커뮤니티 About It Again

There is an important lesson within this story that we can apply to all habits and behaviors. The best way to break a bad habit is to make it impossible to do. And the best way to create a good habit is to automate it so you never have to think about it again.

Typically, when people think about automating something, they imagine technology or a piece of software. And, certainly, this is a great way to automate a habit. You can save for retirement with 토토 an automatic deduction from your paycheck. You can curtail social media browsing with a website blocker.


Technology can transform actions that were once hard, annoying, and complicated into behaviors that are easy, painless, and simple. It is the most reliable and effective way to guarantee the right behavior.

Today, technology and automation can handle an increasing number of daily tasks. Meal-delivery services can go grocery shopping for you. Healthcare services can automatically refill your prescriptions and ship them to you. IUDs can manage birth control on autopilot.


Each habit that we hand over to the authority of technology frees up time and energy to pour into the next stage of growth. When you automate as much of your life as you possibly can, you can spend your mental energy on the tasks machines cannot yet do.

Automation is particularly useful for behaviors that happen too infrequently to become habitual. Things you have to do monthly or yearly—like rebalancing your investment portfolio—are never repeated frequently enough to become a habit, so they benefit in particular from technology “remembering” to do them for you.

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