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Marketing Tip: The Power of Email Marketing

At this point in the process, you’ve generated curiosity, given your prospects a great place to land, and offered something irresistible enough for them to “pay” you with their email address. That may seem like a lot, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg in the process. You’ve taken all of those steps and now have an email list. The list itself was never ? and is never ? the goal. The goal is to cultivate these prospects to convert them into paying customers, clients, or patients!

Keep in mind that prospects have to know, like, and trust you before they’ll open their wallets and hand you cash. They are probably not quite ready to buy at this point, even though you may have a killer irresistible offer. You must continue to build credibility with them in order to successfully close the sale and, more importantly, keep nurturing the relationship so that you’ll always be top of mind with them, so they’re always turning to you to solve their problems and ease their pain.


The very best way to cultivate a relationship with your prospects is through email marketing. Now don’t think “used car salesman forcing pricing on you” when I say email marketing. Email marketing is also not sending out bulk emails to as many people as possible, with the vast majority of them snagged in spam filters. Email marketing is a professional conversation with people who have already expressed an interest in talking with you. Since they’ve handed over their email address, they are allowing you to have that conversation through the privacy of their inboxes. You’re communicating, not spamming, through email marketing.

I’ll be honest right here and tell you that creating your autoresponder campaign or campaigns takes a bit of work up front, but the best news is that once you create it, it can work for you behind the scenes for years without anyeffort on your part.


Autoresponder Emails

You’ll be sending two types of emails to your list. The first one is an autoresponder email 먹튀. For example, you have a website visitor who clicks to download your irresistible offer. In your email provider system (e.g., MailChimp or Constant Contact, etc.), you can then set up automated replies that are delivered in a prescribed sequence and at pre-determined times. For example, the first email after opt in might be triggered immediately as a thank you for downloading the offer and welcome with teaser copy on what they can expect in future emails.


99% of the people who visit your website will not call you, will not fill out your “contact us” email form, and they sure won’t “sign up for your newsletter.” You have to offer something to grab their email address. The money is in the list.

Your product or service will dictate the sequence of messages. Some products and services do not lend themselves to a hard sell or an early sell (i.e., trying to close too soon without having established enough trust or having set yourself apart as the person who can truly solve their problem). In this case, you might send three emails (every day or every other day) with great content that’s providing value and cultivating the relationship.


After that, your fourth email will prompt engagement (e.g., “reply with your biggest struggle with weight loss,” or “what questions do you have about the training?”) from the recipient. When people engage, they are one step closer to trusting you! Your engagement request email is one of the most powerful ones you can send.

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