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What signals are the 토토먹튀 Google bots looking for?

Most of all, authority and relevance.

You need to show that you are an expert and that your content is the most relevant - while you are competing with every other related site on the internet!



Not really….;-) - if you understand a few basic principles and techniques - and have some patience!


Building authority with Google takes time, especially with a brand new site. You have to prove that you are worthy of the exposure and the newer the site, the more skeptical Google will be - understandably.

So start as soon as your site is set up and apply the principles taught here consistently. Over time, you will see results, and once Google starts taking you seriously, it becomes more of a self runner.


Maintaining your status will be much easier than getting there, so your initial effort is well worth it in the long run.

Keep in mind also that the majority of bloggers never bother to learn these principles. And unless you are in a very competitive niche with lots of knowledgable people, it won’t take that much effort to get to page 1. But it takes consistent effort - and excellent keyword research.


During the initial months, while you are building trust with google, you can use other techniques like Social Media Marketing, Kindle books, guest posting and the techniques taught in book #2 of this series to drive “traffic” (=potential readers) to your side.

Eventually you will be able to rely more and more on SEO and no longer have to hustle, network and pay for ads. You can still continue with those, but on a much smaller scale, because in the long run, SEO is the most effective - and consistent - traffic generator on the internet!


What parameters does Google look at?

Google looks at 3 areas:

* On Page

* Off Page

* Social Media

On Page is everything that happens on your website. How you structure your site. How you interlink your pages, how you write your posts etc.


Is there a clear site structure that the bot can easily read?

Do you add fresh, quality content on a regular basis?

Is that content optimized for the keywords you are trying to rank for?

Is there a lot of interaction with your readers in the form of comments, social media shares etc.?


Off Page is everything pointing at your site = Backlinks from other sites, incl. social media. You might have heard the term “Link Juice”. That’s what this is referring to:

How many sites are linking to you? and most importantly, are they of high quality/authority or are they spammy sites?


As an example, the New York Times linking to one of your articles will greatly boost your authority, whereas low quality backlinks from spammy sites can seriously harm you 먹튀.

If your friend links to you from a brand new website, it will also not have much weight, no matter how nice or proficient your friend is. His/her


“Domain Authority” will be zero and that’s exactly how much link juice you get - zero. Still good to interlink, because those sites will grow and you can both boost each other’s authority over time.

Social Signals are a more recent addition to Google’s ranking algorithm, but have since greatly gained in importance. A site without any social signals - likes, shares, retweets etc - will not rank, and that makes sense.


In this day and age, any relevant, helpful or inspiring article will be shared on social media, so if there are no social signals, but a lot of backlinks, something is clearly not right and Google will respond accordingly.

A scenario like the above would look fishy and is often a sign of Black Hat techniques, because, yes, you can manufacture backlinks to boost your authority, and Google is always on the lookout for any suspicious behavior.


You will need to address all 3 areas, and all of them together determine how Google will rank you.

One more thing….

It’s important to understand, that Google ranks your urls, in other words your domain name/web address ( - not your content. Whatever you accomplish stays with that domain name. If you change it, you have to start all over again, even if you transfer all your articles to the new



Yet another important reason not to waste time on commercial blogging platforms like Blogger, Weebly or WordpressCOM (not be confused with the non-profit, free WordpressORG software that most bloggers use):


When you leave these very limiting platforms - and you will eventually if you are serious about blogging and making money online - you might loose your domain name and then all the work and effort you put in over weeks and months will be lost and you have to start all over again.

Therefore, if you haven’t already, find a good web hosting company and get your site self hosted. This link will give you a whopping 50% discount for one of the top rated Web Hosting Services in the business (*) - so you can start at just $2.75/month. Or do your own research and find a suitable service.


But start now - don’t put it off. It will be much more work a few months down the road and you might even have to hire someone to transfer your site.

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